Why Glass Pool Fencing Is A Good Option For Your Property

By | March 24, 2021

So you have decided to install a swimming pool, and you have probably thought of safety and security measures for that space? That is a good investment. Pool fencing is an essential addition to your new outdoor area to ensure safety. However, deciding on the best fencing can be tricky since there are various pool fencing options available in the market. Glass pool fencing has increasingly become popular due to its modernity, sleek, elegant look, and providing a great safety barrier altogether. Below are reasons why glass pool fencing could be the best option for your property.


With constant exposure to the open-air element, glass pool fencing has toughened material that can withstand the sun’s harshness, rain, and wind. It is firm, having been made from toughened 12mm safety glass. Moreover, during the processing period, tempered or toughened glass is heated up to 700 degrees Celsius. It is for this course that the material is strong to endure all the weather conditions. Hence, you can be assured that neither the kids nor the terrible weather can break it. Glass pool fencing does not deteriorate quickly, mainly if your property is located along the coast where nature’s elements are harsher.

Easy Maintenance

Contrary to what you may think, pool fence maintenance and safety are essential throughout the year to prevent injuries and drownings. Luckily, glass pool fencing is low maintenance material that takes less time to clean than other fencing options that will require polish, varnish, and paint. Thus, glass pool fencing will reduce the cost of your ongoing maintenance. With glass pool fencing, what you need is a soapy solution, a scratch-free cloth, a squeegee, and a bit of elbow grease to make your glass fence look amazing. You can easily do the maintenance by yourself without having to hire professionals.


The better part is that you do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for effectiveness with glass pool fences. A glass fence will naturally fit with any backyard and environment regardless of the style. Furthermore, the flexibility you have will allow you to create the outdoor space you have always wanted, and the final touch being the modern and elegant aesthetic of the glass fence. You can choose a frameless or semi-frameless option that suits your backyard, adding that extra touch of style—again, having a glass pool fence adds the market value of your home.

Finally, glass pool fencing will protect your little ones since the glass is sleek, making it difficult for them to climb. Moreover, it is transparent, and you will monitor your child through it without necessarily having to walk there. Better still, the glass does not react with water and pool chemicals – you can check out pool fencing Gold Coast tips online. Therefore, it will save you from the hassle of changing the fences after a couple of years. The glass fence warms the pool and its area by refracting the filtered sunlight. Hence, you will not freeze due to wind chill when you get out of the pool. The extra warmth allows you to enjoy the pool a few more months a year since the wind is efficiently blocked.