Qualities Of A Good Self -Storage Facility

By | May 4, 2019

When de-cluttering your home, downsizing or moving, you might get several benefits by having a self-storage facility to store your items. When you begin searching online, you get several options available to rent. The primary issue that might occur is how to choose the best unit among the many provided. To assist you during this process, here are essential qualities to look for in a good self-storage facility.

Good customer service

One of the things that show you that a self-storage facility is perfect is the kind of customer service they provide. Whether you contact them by phone, email or face to face, you should be handled in a friendly manner by the customer representatives. They should answer all your questions and provide you with the information you require. If you find they are not providing you with straight forward answers regarding price or other information you ask, you better look for another facility. With excellent customer service, you can be sure that in case of any problem that might occur, everything will be handled fast.

Hygienic space

You do not want your belongings to be stored in an area that is dirty. You should make sure that your items are stored in a space that is well maintained and cared. The facility should be well dusted, floors cleaned and should be no garbage around. A well-cleaned facility is a good indication that your belongings will be cared for well.

Absence of pests

Before you decide to rent a particular facility, you need to inspect to check if there are pests. Pests can cause damage to your items, so you need to avoid any facility infested by the pests. A good self-storage facility should have pest prevention programs to prevent their infestations. Some of the pests that can cause havoc to your items include moths, critters, cockroaches and other rodents.


It is evident that when you rent a storage facility, you should expect your items to be safe. A good self-storage facility must have tight security to ensure that your items do not get stolen. The facility should have proper lighting, an access gate and high-quality security camera.

Self-storage unit location

The best self-storage unit must be located in an area where you can access your belongings in the right way. So, the self-storage unit should be near your office or home. However, if you are storing your items for a long time, you can consider a facility that is located far from the city so that you also reduce the costs involved.

Units of different sizes

A good self-storage facility should have units of different sizes to cater to the distinct needs of the clients. Depending on what you want to store, you need to get a unit that can accommodate all of them. Size is a critical consideration because it also determines the amount you pay. The significant point here is to get a unit that can accommodate all your items and offer at the most affordable price.

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